annadibbes¬†With all the feminism floating around today and the fact that many of our modern day ladies are becoming more like men than men are, I hope I’ll not be upsetting anyone when I still use a word like ‘cute’ when referring so what I still see as the fairer sex.

When we first moved to London, England, we quickly got acquainted with some of the central bars, restaurants, and night clubs, and one of the first things we noticed was the sheer abundance of really cute girls.

Now this was certainly a contrast to the sleepy Suffolk market town we’d just left behind us. We were brought up in rough farming country, raised in a place where it’s difficult to tell the difference between the animals and mankind. I don’t wish to sound cruel but many of the local lasses had faces that resembled British bull dogs chewing feisty wasps. Us good looking local lads were definitely not spoilt for choice in those parts, that’s for sure!

escort_girl_jessicaGetting back to London, or the Smoke as the locals call it, it appears to be a place where the women take great pride in their appearance. There are no filthy fingernails or tuffs of stubborn hair sprouting out from the delicate armpits of these city cuties. It would be impossible to mistake the cute girls of London for a farmer’s scarecrow in this town. Not so back home, where we’d often sit on a cattle gate and play spot-the-difference with the farmer’s wives.

Another obvious difference with the women here is that the London lasses look so much cleaner. Well actually, they are so much cleaner, never mind look it. They generally come across as more girly too. I like that in a woman. Yes, London is definitely a place where cute girls are not in any short supply.

There are so many butch and haggard looking girls in modern day society. They often give off stern looks and steely glances to any man who dares to make eye contact with them. I have to write that it has been an absolute pleasure to find a place on earth that still treasures its cute girls.

sdSo what makes a cute girl cute? Well, I think a dictionary definition would probably show results like delightfully pretty or dainty, or perhaps angelic in appearance, soft and gentle in nature. Perhaps cute means someone who giggles and looks upwards with a coy glance. Oh yeah, and cute definitely means playful in my book. Yep, give me cute girls over the hard faced, masculine, gum chewing, tattoo bearing, pint swigging, chain smoking, phlegm spitting, bad mouthing silicone sisters any day.